Being a good student, I wrote all my tasks that I need to do for organizing my time. These days I’m used to studying all my notes so as not to forget the topics. On the other hand I can’t stand doing homework because I have been busy in the evening. The only hour I’m free is at 9pm.

When I was in elementary school, during exam week, my mom used to help me to study and I used to get good scores. When I advanced to Junior High School, I started to study alone, but I just got bad scores because I didn’t have the custom. So I need to augment it by myself.

Before registering at ITESM, I had looked forward to being a good student.

Now, I’m 18 years old and almost near the end of my high school studies, and the truth is that I don’t know what major to choose. I’m looking into engineering such as industrial engineering, but it could be administration or even tourism, and I’m looking for a university too. I need to decide as soon as possible because my graduation is right around the corner. 

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Comment by Gita Smith on August 4, 2011 at 9:43am
This ISSUU book is excellent. It has heart, soul, intelligence and VERY good English. You should be proud!

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