Lapitas were a tribe of the neolitic edge.
Its known by being a precursor culture of many others in Oceania and polinesians.
The name 'lapitas' came from the word xaapeeta that means 'cave a hole.
They used to live really near to the shore so they could take advantange of the deepless lakes so they couldnt be bitten by
mosquitos that spread the malaria sickness,becouse the tribe had no immunologic defenses.
They also found obsidian remains in new britain.
This tribe used to work with red mud making jars dishes and fountains.They also used to incluid details and decorative
figures in its art pieces that were handmade.
The found of this mud pieces made scientist compare the melanesian and polinesian culture,they got to the conclusion
that they were the one same culture untill its etnical division ages before.
The scientist though that the newer mudpieces (a. C.) were not decorated because of the lack of mud in the central part of
The lapitas pottery is known from central to eastern oceania where domestica animals and human remains were found.
Most of the scientist supports the idea that thefound of its mud pieces shows the migration pad of this tribe, but someothers
are not sure of this till they find circumstantial evidences.
Some of the scientits are not sure abuout the direct relation between lapitas and polinesians becouse of the genetic
observatios, but they are all agree in the colonisation aand migration pad of them.
Linguistics though that polinesians languages came all from the lapitas's.
Remains of this culture have been found in diferent and distant islands,this means that the have to know about navegation
and the making of canoes to drive across the sea.
The found of a cementery with bodys that showed some religious rites and some of its art pieces.
Scientis analized the bodies and got to the conclusion that this tribe evolved cronologic and locally coexisting
in a same age.

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