Once in a cold december day, in Tuxtla Gtz. A lonely man was looking at a tree, while he was looking at it he could see a happy and peaceful story in his mind just by looking it but he could see how that beautiful story disappeared so quickly and how it turned into a nightmare. After some minutes passed he felt that he had to stop looking at it, so he turned around his head and left the place. Some years before, he was looking at  a window, he knew that he had to do something about the window, he knew that the window was a small portion of a big story, because the house itself brings good memories to him, that’s the house where he lived when he was a kid, and it’s the house where he was going to live with his family for a long time, he had two sons and one daughter, one day he was preparing the dinner for the family, when he finished cooking the dinner he prepared the table, and five minutes later he was eating with his wife and sons, they had a good conversation and when they finished eating the dinner, the mother and his sons went upstairs, he stayed downstairs and he felt that he still was hungry so he turned on the oven and he put a sandwich in, and he thought that he could eat the sandwich with a glass of milk and he realised that they didn’t have milk at home and he would also need some milk to prepare tomorrow’s breakfast so he went to the nearest store walking, when he got to the store he bought some milk and some cigarettes, then he started to walk to his house, while he was walking he couldn’t remember  if he turned off the oven, so he started to walk faster and faster he was really worried, when he finally got two blocks away from his house, he could see some firefighter and police lights near his house so he started to run faster and faster, he fell once but he quickly started to run again when he arrived to his house he could only see how his house was burning and how his family was safe except for his wife and one of his sons, they  were inside of the house and the fire was too strong that firefighters couldn’t get in to rescue them, some hours passed and they couldn’t do anything to save them.

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