The destination is uncertain and everything happens for a reason .....

A day at the doctor's "Rouse" two people came to the appointment because they used brackets, that's when started the whole story. The girl who was sitting on the couch was slim, tall, brown skin, black hair, you could tell he was very friendly, quiet and cute, but instead the boy who sat in the corner looked funny, smart and very handsome, he was tall, white, muscular and thin. Then it was fate that led them to cross both eyes and liked, the first to go to the clinic was the guy and when he went outside the building I hope to come out the girl of your inquiry, and so, when the girl left the young man decided talk and ask her out, she very sorry and happy accepted the invitation and the boy began to fall in love with her, from that moment began to emerge several places, they realized they had much in common and would be a nice couple spent several months out, until they got engaged and together they created their love story.

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