A day a woman who was widow  went in the hospital  to see a doctor because her daughter had sneezing, running nose, pain, temperature and cough, then she was expecting her daughter to leave the consultation, because her daughter also had been injured playing volleyball and the doctor said I would bandage the wound and to stop the symptoms and her could quit her bandage when her felt better, after her daughter and her mother leave the doctor's clinic, then they got her medicine for hers daughter did not have pain, however confuse the medicine, because a man took the medicines by mistake causing lady met at the hospital, after asked that Mr. apologize for the confusion funny, they begin to talk a while they were knowing that they were neighbors and who shared the same tastes, then the man decided to ask her for went to a restaurant and was where they fell in love and decided to marry finally they lived happy  forever and the daughter take care of herself.

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