Today at April 23 I woke up at 5:00am and the first thing I decided to do is to take a shower so I can begun a wonderful day. Next I take mi juice of orange and prepare cereal of CornFlakes I put chocolate as always so I can eat comfortable. Then I decided to go to the school so I check mi car and realize than does not have gasoline so I go to gas station and see the price of a liter. Then i remember how was the price 10 years ago. Next I go to the school I take my road as always and I realize than today there was more traffic than usual. I start to sign my favorite song
I arrive to the school and the first thing I do once than I was there was to take mi coffee at the zone of teachers. I go to my first class and I put all my attention because today we learn a new topic after the class I start to feel hungry so I buy a coke and a hamburger so I can be in piece the rest of the day. The hours past I go to see my car as usual I realized than I have admonition, it was the second in the week. Than because I lost my card which is like a permission to let be park at the campus. I remember like all the past week than I should buy a new one as soon as is possible.

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