A long time ago, on a faraway land named Tec, there was a dog named cinnamon who was the Tec´s only hope to stop a boringness outbreak. Cinnamon was walking on the hall when she saw two girls walking down the hall, she rapidly used her cinnamon powers and took the boringness away from the girls, suddenly cinnamon the dog knew what she had to do so while she was sprinting through the Tec her collar bounced around on her golden neck, being amused by the quantity of people that were bored, she discovered a device that was causing the boringness to expand all inside the campus, so so she decided to go ahead and destroy the device. Cinnamon started running so fast she broke the sound barrier grabbing the generator and chewing until she destroyed the device, suddenly the skies were clear, the air fresh and all the students entertained, now relieved cinnamon took a moment to admire what she had accomplished, now i will use my powers to clear the world from violence and sadness cinnamon said, before flying away she ended her visit with an epic phrase: I guess you could say i'm very sweet, get it? cause cinnamon? no? ok the, see ya. As she was flying away to go and help more people, she realized that the tec will always be her home and she smiled to everyone on the campus

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