1. It was the end of the war between orcs and men, around 3625 in New York and there was a man named Michael searching for his wand.

2. Suddenly he find out that it was underneath his bed and then took it to make a speel in order to clean up his room

3. Michael had lost his wife and daugther during the war and he wonder if he can bring them back to life using the wand that he stole from an orc, the problem was that he didn't know how to do it and it was getting mad in the process.

4. He decided to go with an old wizard in South Africa called "Dennis the Wizard" in order to learn new spells and resurrect his family.

5. So, the next day he sold everything he had to buy a ticket, remaining only with the wand.

6. When he arrived he met the wizard and told him that he wanted to be a wizard to save people, he accepted and taught the basics.

7. The problem was that Michael was getting more mad and he had a lot of nightmares about he killing his wife.

8. Then he realized that one of those dreams was in fact, a memory, and suddenly remembered that the wizards allied with the orcs in war to kill men.

9. He thought that Dennis was manipulating him and decided to kill him.

10. After he killed him he realized that it wasn't Dennis, it was his wife, and suddenly realized that the war had never ended, the wizards were manipulating men in order to kill each other

11. Michael couldn't handle it and killed himself.

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