One day a skinny and scary girl woke up in a strange place, only knowing his name, Ariadne.
After a long walk in the strange place full of trees and darkness, she found a white door. She was full emotions, she was angry, sad and confused.

Many questions come to her mind: who sent it to that place? Why she can't remember something about her life? bravely she open the door, when she open the door she felt so calm, every type of angry and sad emotions disappeared, now all the darkness turned in to a blue sky full of stars.  In the place full of stars she met a woman that told Ariadne that she was in heaven, at that moment a flashback come to Ariadne showing herself in a accident.  After two weeks of this events, Ariadne start his life on heaven, one day,  she was entrusted with a mission to help a blind boy.  Ariadne went to the earth to help this boy name Esteban, at first Esteban was rude with Ariadne, he was tired of his life, he thought that after going blind his whole life it was worth nothing. While time was passing, Ariadne help him to understand that god give him another chance to live.  The day and the months passed and Esteban felt in love with Ariadne, but Ariadne can´t love him because she was dead, she was only fulfilling its mission. Finally she decide to find someone for Esteban, and after searching a lot she met a blonde girl name “Crystal” that help her to go back to the heaven without Esteban staying  alone.

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