The following day Daniel wakes up ready thinking about the message from Cora. He knows he has to keep his secret identity as far as possible. In her message she told him to stay hidden and to be careful, the situation at the Cabaret hasn’t changed much, Ramirez was looking for him after many weeks.

He puts on his clothes, grabs his school books and goes to the classroom. He is teaching spelling of words, and with his own methods he doesn’t have much patience hitting the students with a rule.

-- The word Authorities, have an “h”, you ignorant!

Outside the class an indigenous man is walking towards bringing his son. He’s only 4 years. Rosita is cleaning the garden when she notices him.

--Good morning Camilo, What brings you here? - She asks.

--Good morning Ms. Rosita, I am bringing my son to the school, I want him to learn how to speak, he doesn’t know how to communicate.

-- So noble for you doing this. Of course we can teach him. I will take him with the new professor; I am sure he will be more than glad to take him in to his class.

-- Sitatita, - the kid says while hugging Rosita’s legs.

-- Professor Gonzales, I am sorry to interrupt your class but I am bringing this kid to be part of it. I hope you don’t mind accepting him.

--Of course not Rosita. – He answers.

Daniel sits on the bench while Rosita leaves the class. He notices that the kid is really young, afraid and indigenous.

-- Kid, come on here!- he says. Tell me, what’s your name?

--Sitatita- the kid responds and the class laughs.

- Quiet! I am asking you, what is your name?

--Sitatita- the kid responds and the class laughs again.

- I said quiet!, are you trying to tell me that you will make fun of me as well?

Angry and desperate by his lack of control, Daniel starts to smack the kid on the face.

-- Professor! What do you think you are doing? – yells Rosita. Don’t you see he’s indigenous, he doesn’t know the language, he’s a poor little kid that needs you, he won’t say anymore but I few words. I feel so sorry I didn’t tell you that.

Immediately Daniel feels ashamed and sorry about his actions. He kneels to reach the kid’s face and looks at his eyes. He’s afraid and almost crying.

-- I am sorry… I didn’t know.. I..

--Please forgive me, - he says.

The kid comes closer and hugs him tied, and says- Sitatita.

The rest of the day is different for Daniel, he feels sorry for many things he has done in the past, the way he has treated people and how his life is changing after arriving at “La Esperanza.


At the cabaret Cora is wondering where Daniel is, she hasn’t heard any news also and is starting to feel worried. Where he would be? – She questions herself. Outside the room someone is knocking at her door.

-- May I come in?

-- One second please, I need to clean up. Ok come in- Cora says.

-- I am wondering if you have any news about the jewelry that was robbed months ago.

-- And why do you think I will have an idea, do I look to you like the person who has them?

-- Well, you have always loved jewels and if Daniel has them, I am sure he might have showed them to you.

-- I don’t know where he is, he left me here. So if that’s the only reason why you are here, I am going to ask you to leave, I need to get ready for my show.

-- I don’t know what you looked on him. Cora you more than anyone know that he will only bring you terrible things. You are a very special person; I don’t want to see you ending up in prison. I could..

-- You could what? Save me, maybe?

-- The only thing I am asking you is to leave Daniel, get away from him, you don’t need him.

-- Even if I could, are destiny was placed a long time ago, I can’t leave him, I won’t- she says.

-- Then you leave me no choice but get to him, and when I do it, it will be too late for him and for you.

The door closes and Cora sits down feeling even worse, she has no information about Daniel and at the same time she knows she needs desperately to see him so they can finally escape.

That afternoon in Esperanza, classes are over and Daniel is sitting on his desk marking papers. Rosita notices that her colleague is working hard trying to write down the grades. She offers help and checks that he has done nothing. They both try to finish the reports. Daniel tells her that it’s not necessary to complete the reports, no one will doubt about his grades. She explains him that the regional inspector could come and then, not only him but the school will be in trouble. Professor Gonzalez sees that Rosita is really beautiful and feels an attraction to her. She feels the same way and even by a very conservative life style she also tries to get closer to him.

-- Why do you always make the same mistakes Professor Gonzalez?

-- call me Arturo please.

-- Why do you always make the same mistakes Arturo?

-- Because I am getting distracted, -he responds.

-- May I ask why?

-- Certainly these glasses don’t let me see what type of person you are?

-- And may I ask you, what type of person do you think am I?

-- I would say you are a very hardworking teacher.

--that’s all, don’t you think I am the person who always tries to keep this school in use, not only with the students, but with my family and now you. But the worse think is that everyone thinks I am a person who’s only worried about the beauty and well do I look in parades. Get this information Professor, I am more than that!- she responds firmly.

-- I would say, you describe yourself better that anyone else!

-- You are the same as everyone else!

Rosita tries to give him a smack on his face but he stops her.

--No Rosita, I am not the same.

Daniel takes off his glasses and gives her a kiss. She responds to it. After a few seconds she leaves the classroom.

At night he decides to go to the local cantina, he sees Mr. Carrasco sitting on the same table; he doesn’t really want to talk to him until he calls him to join the game.

-- Professor good to see you around. I wanted to ask you something but be sure this is a very private favor.

--Tell me Mr. Carrasco, what can I do for you?

-- You’ll see, I have to deliver a suitcase at the other side of the border. The mission is to cross to the United States and deliver the package to a person, that’s all.

--that’s all? Daniel asks.

--yes, that’s all

--But what about my classes, I can miss classes during the week.

--I will pay you for a month salary, kids won’t lose much time, what do you think?, do you accept the deal? I will pay you enough to live for the rest of the year.

--If that is the payment then, consider it a deal.

--Excellent professor, the moment I saw you I knew you will be smart enough to work with me- Mr. Carrasco explains.


Daniel leaves the place and goes into the leaving room, he turns on the radio and listens to Cora broadcasting, he notices her concern and understands that Ramirez visited her during those days. While he’s listening to her songs, Rosita comes closer to him. He realizes he’s been too busy paying attention to the radio without noticing the presence of her.

--What are you doing here so late?

--I know that every midnight you come to listen to the radio. I wanted to hear that singer that you pay too much attention, she sings lovely. – Rosita says.

--I will stop this, I need to sleep. Would you excuse me?

-- I thought… no nothing.

-- You thought what?

-- That what happened today would mean something to you- she responds.

-- What happened today was a mistake, please I need to go.

-- But I thought, you… you have no idea what a first woman kiss mean, please go.

--Rosita, I love you.

Daniel kisses her again and walks out of the living room. She says nothing, and then she smiles.


The next day Daniel decides to take Domingo on a field trip, he is learning a lot of new words and his vocabulary is expanding. He asks Domingo to describe every single thing he sees, the plants, the air, the rocks, the animals, everything he wants to express in his new language. Suddenly he looks at down the river and mentions “bad flowers”.

--What did you say Domingo?

--Yes tatita, bad flowers there!

Daniel looks carefully and realizes what the kid says. He calls Camilo, and asks him what those bad flowers are.

-- Those are poppies Sir. Mr. Carrasco has ordered to plant many of them outside the town.

-- Poppies, the suitcase, Mr. Carrasco, so that’s how he gets his money. Listen Camilo, will you do something against the law but it on the favor of the whole community?

--Yes sure, anything you ask.

--Look sometimes we have to do good even if it’s dangerous.

Daniel is talking to Camilo when Rosita shows up behind the hill. She is bringing some sandwiches and a jar of lemonade.

-- You do you have some free time today while you are giving your visual class?

--Sure give me a minute.

Soon after, both of them are sitting on the field. She questions him why he never talks about his past. Why everything he doesn’t like to talk about it?

-- Every time I ask you about your family, you never seem happy.

--Before arriving to La Esperanza I had a difficult life, I did so many mistakes. I don’t want to think about them. I am happy here in this new life, I enjoy the sun, the flowers you put on the table every morning. I live happily here, please don’t ask me this anymore.

--Arturo, I won’t ask again, I feel good with you.

-- I feel I could live here the rest of my life.

Little do they know, a man of Carrasco is spying on them. Daniel and Rosa go back to the house. He receives a note than Mr. Carrasco wants to see him at the cantina. He decides to see what is he looking for and attends the meeting. When he arrives he sits on the table.

-- Did you have fun today?

-- No more than usual

-- Don’t give such a stupid answer, you idiot! Don’t you think I know you were making out with Rosita? I thought she was something special but never could I imagined she was a prostitute!- yells Mr. Carrasco throwing a glass of tequila on Daniel’s face.

--Come on, are you leaving? Are you man enough to fight for you woman? -He continues-

Daniel as a response punches him on the face so hard he throws him on the floor.

--Nobody moves or I will kill him!- Daniel says taking out his gun and pointing at everyone at the cantina. He leaves walking backwards and leaves the place.

--Shall we kill him, says one of Carrasco’s men.

--No not now, he’s time will come. I don’t kill rats.




Next day Cora is talking to one of her friends. She knows where Daniel is, she has received a letter. She knows he’s ok and wants desperately to see him. She has prepared a decoy to help her leave the city. She will be back at night so she doesn’t have to be worried if Ramirez looks for here. She rents a small plane and leaves Mexico City.

In La Esperanza Daniel is giving a great class, he has finally understand his new role and life as a teacher of that school. Suddenly he hears a voice, he knows who she is, turns around and sees her.

-- Daniel! How are you? – Cora says.

-- Cora? What are you doing here?, Kids the class is over for today.

All the kids run out the classroom while Cora seems surprised about his new occupation.

-- I didn’t know you have the talent to teach children.

-- Cora I told you not to be here, why did you come?

--Because I wanted to see you Daniel!- Cora gives him a kiss while Rosita enters the classroom. She sees both kissing and leaves the run. Daniel notices that and tells Rosita to stop.-

--Where are you going Rosita?, she’s my sister

--Your sister?, yes she’s Cora, my beloved sister.

-- But I saw you kissing-

-- It’s a family tradition, I haven’t seen Daniel in so many years-  Cora says.

--Daniel? He’s Arturo and not Daniel.

-- That’s how I like to call him since we were kids, he read the book of a policeman called Daniel Benitez, and since then I call him that way.

--Oh in that case, I’m sorry to be so disrespectful maybe you will like to rest for a moment after your trip. Please come to me, I will show you the guest room.

Cora goes with Rosita while she explains how she feels about Arturo; he has changed her life since he arrived to the town. Everyone looks happy, even the students like him a lot.

--I like this place, the flowers smells like a garden, they are beautiful, I don’t see them in Mexico City.

--Well this is very humble house, everything we have is from the countryside nothing much.

--But I couldn’t imagine my life here, this is gorgeous, I know why Arturo finds this place, exciting- Cora says.

The day pass as if Cora visiting her brother, she meet everyone in the school including the Director and her husband. She said goodbye to everyone before leaving. At the nearest airport she talks to Daniel and invites him to go with her.

--I have all the jewelry you gave me, let’s go now that we can, our future lies in front of us. Let’s go Daniel

--Cora, I can’t leave now, this place is a safety refugee, and then I can put you on a dangerous situation. Please go back to Mexico City and tell everyone I am fine.

--I see you have a different life, and maybe a different love. How naïve is Rosita thinking you love her. I can imagine the poor girl having her hearth broken.

But Daniel stays quiet

--Or is it that you really love her? Is that the new life you always talk about?

--Cora, I just..

--Please, stop, say no more. Maybe she will give you the things I will never give you. I understand it. I will go then- says Cora with a tear in her face. Have a great life Daniel, you deserve it!

Cora gets on the small airplane she had rented for the day and takes off the area. Daniel looks how slowly the plane disappears on the sky.


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