You always find a different manner to become what you want.


*A pianist named Andy wanted with all his heart to play the piano with a really famous canadian artist.

*A singer called Cindy wished to stay all the day in a beach and scape from her reality.


*The pianist played his last concert  on Florida and he decided to lived there.

*The singer traveled to Florida to enjoy the sunny and sandy day in the bech she used to go when she was a kid, leaving all the life she created.


*Andy was walking trough the same beach as Cindy when, suddenly, he had a vision about a canadian girl who had the most wonderful voice he'd ever hear.

*Cindy was singing when a tall man arrived and ask her to if she wanted to sing with him the day before on the same beach they were, and she finally accepted.


*If Andy had never gone to the beach, he probably never met Cindy and play the piano with a canadian artist

*If Cindy had never sing, for sure, Andy had not listeden her and asked her ti sing the next day . And died (that's the other part) u_u





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