take it as it comes...


A man called Arthur worked very hard to reach the "top ten employees" chart at the factory he worked 

A woman called Mary Ann was the president of an important factory


The President of the factory, Mary Ann, would invite the "Top ten employees" to a private party.

The man reached the number 3 in the list of the famous "top ten employees" chart, he was very eager to assist to this party.


Mary Ann opened the conversation at the party, all of the top employees were there, you could listen to a pleasant chattering going on.

Arthur chat with Mary Ann all night long, even though there were no guests left.


He got closer to her... and without a sight he approached to her and kissed her.

She was surprised as delighted but she didn t complaint about it ... she agreed.



As you read in the story you can see the message was: You  can achieve something bigger than something you already expected and thought it was big enough.


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