The Metro

Belle, exquis, captivante. It was the way she danced that made me feel alive.

Inspector Dutruelle, one of the most successful policemen in France, finds himself in bafflement when 3 headless corpses are found in the subway tunnels underneath Paris. There seems not to be any loose ends to the case and time is running out, for every 2 weeks a new cadavre is discovered and identified.


However, for an inspector such as Mr. Dutruelle the source of his problems do not seem to be acquainted with murders and homicides but related to something more lethal, delicate and perplexing; the loss of one’s dearest.


Is Inspector Dutruelle willing to do whatever it takes to solve his problems? Will his selfish thoughts and desires lead him to commit such atrocious actions that have no forgiveness at all or guide him to his own felicity?

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Comment by Michael D. Brown on October 2, 2014 at 8:05am

Nicely done. Makes me want to read the story again in spite of knowing how it turns out. I like the use of italics for the French giving extra flavour.

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