My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell (:

The book talked about the adventures of the “Durrells” and the animals. The family was composed ofa Mother and her children, a sister called Margo and three brothers Larry, Leslie and Gerald (the youngest). They were from England, but they decided to live on the Island of Corfu. When they arrived to the Island, they had troubles communicating with the people from there because the people who lived in the island didn’t speak the same language as the Durrells.

Luckily, the mother met Spiro who had lived in the USA, so he knew a little of English. Spiro helped the family to find a comfortable house, which had all the services that the family needed. Gerald, the little boy, liked the animals; each animal he found he brought to his house. One day Larry was scared by a mother scorpion that was on his hand; it was a big mess because the big scorpion had baby scorpions, Mrs Durrell didn’t like to kill them, so she told Gerald, he most take the scorpions out of the house. He had several kinds of animals, tortoises, birds, snakes and scorpions. His mother was worried about Gerald’s education, but he couldn’t go to the school. His mother decided to bring somebody to teach Gerald about the life of the animals. But it was a bad idea because what she did augmented the problems caused by the animals. Eventually, the mother decided to go back where they were from to give a good education to her son. If they hadn’t gotten the problems with the animals, they wouldn’t have gone back to England, because Corfu was such a nice place to live. 

I liked this book because it talked about the uncommon animals, and let your mind play with your imagination about of the aspects of animal and what would happen if you would get one in your house. In the other hand the book is really funny because told us the troubles that the family had when they moved to another place where none undestood them. I think the book have a lesson, be careful about the animals that you had in your house, you must know about them before they live inside of the house.  


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Comment by Sandra Davies on June 23, 2011 at 12:59pm

I last read this about thirty or more years ago and remember finding it exciting and stimulating.   From there I went on to read Lawrence Durrell's 'Alexandria Quartet' and only a couple of days ago was saying that it's time I re-read that - much more hard-going if I remember rightly.

Thank you for reminding me of this.

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