Dear Alex.

Greetings, i´ve come to tell you that congratulations for passing your test, i knew you studied very hard for that test and it is awesome to hear that you pass that extremely hard exam. 

But i dont write only to congratulate you, im also here to help you with the decision of buying clothes or buying a computer games. in my opinion clothes would be more useful than a computer game, obviously i dont know waht game you are talking about, but if you have waited a long of time for it and you cannot resist the tentation buy the game, but in my experience i would recomend you buy some nice clothes to attreact the girls, and the games are very expensive these days so you could buy some nice clothes with the money, but i repeat, after all, its your decision and im just giving you an advice.

Remember that is your decision after all, but one day you will stop using the game, and the clothes will be super useful

If you need anything else, just contact me.

Your friend, Hernán.

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