In 2058 I will be living in Germany, with a stable job, a wife and probably a son or two who are the joy of every day. My wife is a beautiful and intelligent woman, she also knows how to control the children so that she is courteous. I will have enough money to buy a really good car and my house will be comfortable and big. I will be really good at work so there will be no problems with that. Also, my parents will be alive, but they will live in Mexico, so I'll see them a few times a year, but I'm sure they'll love the idea of ​​me being there. My brothers will be successful, the one in the middle is probably here in Mexico running a great company, and my little sister will be a successful woman who will visit my parents once a week at least because she loves them madly, but of course she will marry with children. I will keep my friends from high school because I have already connected with them, I will also try to communicate with them as constantly as I can. I will spend one Christmas here and the other with my in-laws in Germany, but it is more likely that I will spend the summers and other festivities here because even when I live in another country I love Mexico with all my heart and above all, I love the people who are here , and finally above above all, that I can not live without Mexican food.

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