In a normal day in my life, 40 years after today, I will have 56 years old. I wake up at 7:00 a.m. because I love to make exercise, some days I go running and other I play basketball (yes, I still practicing), but before exercise I eat a healthy fruit smoothie. After exercise I take a shower and start working in one of my many works (historian, writer and astronomer), but just a little, be+*cause I also have to check my DNA company, after that I have a meal with my beautiful wife, in the afternoon my children, and my grandson will come to my house and we all together will have some coffee and eat cookies. At night I am writing a book about my life and my way of think (by that time, I would have published many books). Most of the days I stay in home, having a relax and peaceful life with the people I love, probably I will travel some days (because I love to travel), other days I will be meditating in my house that will be in the woods, so far away from the city, so I will be completely in peace with me, finally other random days I will hang out with all my friends, friends from every place I have lived in. That will be a normal day in my life in the future, probably I will have a humble life, but always in company of the people that I love the most, my family.

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