By this time humanity would have created and developed new technology and maybe civilizations on other planets, like mars, so maybe in the future when i’m 55 years old, i may be living in mars or another colonized world, but i would rather to stay in this planet than going to another one. Also by that time i will be trying to retire, so i can enjoy having more time with those who i love.

In the morning i prepare the breakfast for me and my family, read the newspaper, and prepare to go to work, i would like to work in the morning so i can be free of any occupation at the afternoon, in that case i would use my free time on the afternoon to enjoy my family, i would also like to cook the dinner with my wife, and to watch some movies before going to bed.

At the weekends i would like to go sailing with my entire family and to spend some nights in a boat, i would also like to travel and to go to other cities around the world, to explore and create more experiences with my family. I hope that those moments of my life will be more relaxed and less stressful than the previous ones, and i also hope that i’ll be able to enjoy what matters the most in my life (my family) and what i’ve created as a human being or in other words: The impact i’ve made on the world.

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