The famous photographer Marisol Vegas was on a trip around the USA and she has been traveling around America since 2016, she has discovered some of the most wonderful places and enjoys taking pictures with his camera. Her best Photo she took is from Santa Mónica Pier using her camera and captured the view of the amazing sunset; Marisol Vegas is a pretty young woman who loves traveling and she is always looking for adventure. In 2016 she took the decision of taking a one year trip around the USA but at first she was afraid because she didn’t have enough money to afford a trip so she started to work because she needed to save a lot of money. She got her first job in a women’s spa where only exclusive women assist and one day Miley Cyrus went to the spa and she was looking for a photographer, when Marisol find out the great news she took the job offer without doubting, it was a great opportunity to her because she was an excellent photographer. Accordingly Marisol went to the photoshoot appointment the next day in the meeting place but Miley never assisted and that make Marisol to feel very sad and disappointed, thereafter the Miley´s manager entered to the place and asked Marisol if she was ready, obviously Marisol didn't know what he was talking about so the manager explained to her that they needed to take a plane as soon as possible to fly to Los Angeles, California where Miley was waiting for them. Immediately Marisol took the bid and there is when everything started, her sweet dream was coming into reality and she couldn't believe it. After that event only better things happened to her like meeting new people and getting new job offers besides she was invited to a trip to New York for a Top Models photoshoot, 2016 was probably one of Marisol´s best years ever! And 2017 was coming soon with more open doors and amazing experiences.

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