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Negative effects of television
Television is a entertainment to general public, has good things but, What happen with the negative effects?. Television is important tool for many things, but no is good when we watch for longer hours that screen, in the actuality children tend to do that every day they spend at least 3 hours watching television, this is so bad and is very worrying.
Something negatives effects of television are the follows:
-Watching television for longer hours is bad for the eyes; it causes irritation, loss of eyesight and other diseases.
-Spend too many hours watching is not healthy, that time we use it for other things such as exercise.
-Television has programs with subliminal messages, that the most times are bad and hurt us, because these subliminal messages can be ideas that go against one, and is a medium where one inadvertently persuades us.
-Some researchers claim that the attention deficit disorders in children are a result of watching television. They say that watching television leads to a developmental disorder in the part of the brain, which is responsible for language skills. Children, who watch television and read less, show difficulties in paying attention or concentrating. Children spending long hours in watching television are susceptible to being affected by attention deficit disorders.
-Television is one of the effective media, which are used to propagate all types of products. Unsupervised television watching in children can lead to an early exposure to a wide variety of things. Television advertisements may influence the children to resort to improper measures. Commercials about fast foods, cold drinks or other such products that are not good for health are bound to leave an impact on children watching them. Attractively presented advertisements and film stories deeply impact young minds, thus influencing the thoughts and behavior of children.
-People watching television, start identifying with what is shown on TV. They relate to television shows and films to such an extent that they get bored of living a normal and simple life. They crave for fame and riches; they yearn for living the lives of their favorite TV characters. This may lead to a high amount of dissatisfaction in the masses. As real life is the contrast of the life portrayed on TV, such TV addicts become hungry for power, money and status.
Television is a fascinating invent, but not good watching at the TV too, because it produces many negative effects on humans.


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