I choose the next entertainment website “” to write about. It is considered one of the top world’s famous and popular websites because of the grate idea of upload and stream videos about anything, like music videos, educational videos, funny videos, among other kind of them that have attracted to the users. Besides, as a social network it is even bigger than the spectacular social website “Facebook”. I like it too much because it is so useful to explore many issues, places, topics and subsequently to learn through them, nevertheless, the principal reason is because all sorts of entertainment I can find in it is related to the listening to music, watching of movies, videoclips or amateur videos about silly ideas. Other aspect I appreciate is the valuations of those videos and the capability of comment and express the opinions concerning to them. It is a fabulous website.

This is a marvelous and extremely interesting website. It is concerned to a lot of world wide scientific facts, researches and studies among many subjects like nanotechnology, physics, space, electronic, biology, chemistry and medicine, only for mention some of them. In this website is contained conceivable knowledge and are published diverse scientific achievements and technological advances. I like to read reports and articles related to this website because I consider intriguer, in fact, to read about sciences is one of my principal actions and predispositions to use the Internet. With this website as a tool, I can be capable of know technical and amazing issues of my concern.

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Comment by Michael D. Brown on August 21, 2011 at 9:22pm

José Enrique,

I like this post. There are several grammatical errors, which I hope you will improve upon as we cover more topics throughout the semester, but you have presented excellent arguments for the use of both sites. You have done a really good job here. Thank you.



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