part 2 paquito cried wolf. sheyla and paco vela

Paquito thinks “I play the same joke again is so funny, ja ja ja” and he shouts “ The wolf, the wolf” and the baker, the housewife, the police officer, the painter, and a lot off townspeople run to the field and carry sticks, rakes and brooms and they want to scare the wolf, but they only see Paquito and the sheeps. This time they are very very angry because they have many things to, and don´t have time for this kind of jokes…



Suddenly Paquito hears some strange noises in the field and this time is really the wolf!

He shouts an shouts “the wolf, the wolf” but no one comes to help him!


Everyone think that Paquito is playing a joke again, so the wolf  runs to chase the sheep, and Paquito runs to the farrmer Aguilar´s house. And Paquito and the farmer back to the field together and count the sheep, but they are all in the field.


Finally Paquitoo understand  that this kind of jokes aren´t good.

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