1.What... Do you do...

2.Where... are your parents.. From?

3... Does..david like sports?

4. Liz... an elementary school

5. Sonia... Doesn't have a job

6...Is There .. A picture in your bedroom?

7. The girl in the painting.. Is wearing.. a blue dress

8.You don't need an umbrella. It.. doesn't rain..

9.She's the in the oficce

10. I need a workbook..that..has all the answer

1. How.. do you say coche in english?
2. What does abroad..mean..
3. Go.. To.. Page 78, pleas.
4 see you.. On.. Monday
5.Have... A good weekend.

B. Word groups.

1. Nice
2. Dark
3. Generous
4. Fingers
5. Blond

1.It's the opposite of lazy.. Active
2. It's a place where you canbuy stamps.. Post ofice
3. It's a person person who plays a musical instrument.. Musican
4. It's verb dou you do it when you're thirsty... Drink
5. It's a kind of food, for example, macaroni...lasagna

Choose three to complete the definitions.
A umbrella is somethin that... you need when is raining
A library is place go when you want to read a book
A dictionary is something use when, you need some information

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