Today I saw a woman walking down the street and suddenly I start thinking about a bunch of stuff, I kept on thinking if the woman was happy, I mean she looked happy but what if she never accomplish her dreams, or if she didn't have ones... then I realize that why in the world was I thinking about such thing?, I mean i'm 17 years old I shouldnt been thinking on such things i mean i should act my own age, get drunk every weekend, go to parties, dont care about school, i dont know maybe drugs? this is the time right? i mean this is what people expect from us right? so why do i prefer to stay home writing or reading a good book, or watching old movies while drinking coffe, am i a weirdo? or did i grow up faster than everyone else?... you know i talked of this with my best friend and her answer was, dude.. i dont know what to say.. why dont you go with a shrink?... so do i really need a shrink? or should i start acting my own age? i dont know if someone ever gonna read this, but i just feel like writing it, its nice to let it out without being judged ...

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Comment by Natalia Culebro Robles on December 19, 2011 at 11:04pm

thanks teach :), I didnt quite understand these last question "Who would tamper with such expressivity?"

Comment by Michael D. Brown on December 7, 2011 at 12:54am

I love your reflections, and won't judge you one way or the other, but I will advise you not to let all of your party time slip away at the age when it has the right fit. Stay observant, but don't fear to indulge in being 17. Keep an image of Sylvia Plath and others like her in the back of your mind, but in a position where you can walk around and see them from all sides. Only a tidbit of advice, definitely not a judgment call. Who would tamper with such expressivity?

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