Prediction 21
-She'll probably get some serious sunburn and the marks of what she was wearing.
-I think this will happen because despite of it doesn't say how much time Her nap took, on these days is checked that damage on people' skin caused by sun rays it's improving and that's why dermatologist recommend to use sun block, it doesn't matter if you're not going to the beach, you should apply some before going outside.
Prediction 22
- Rascal is going to receive a shower
- I deduce this because of the context and I have read it in books and watched on movies, it's like a typical thing that dogs (or pets) don't like to receive showers and their owners call them for it, but trying to deceive them.
Questioning 18
- Does was he waiting the train to take it and go to see his father? Or, does was he waiting the train to receive his father in the station?
- Why haven't he met his father yet?
- Could this be cody's dream?
- Does Cody was waiting with someone or was he alone?
- At the end, Did he met his father?
Author's purpose 4
The author wants the reader to find out that there is one person trying to make a deal with another in the way both get benefits, but I think there's a hide reason.
I might know this because the person making the deal wants insistently that the other come over his/her place or maybe the person is in the urgent need of getting help with math.

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