It´s about a detective that has to resolve cases of people that is being killed in the metro and the equal pattern is that their heads are missing because the assassin takes it off. This detective has a very bad relationship with his wife an he has a lover named Volona that he adores and loves with all his heart but won´t marry her because he already has a wife.
One day he saw a card of a mystic magician that said that he would help him to solve all his love problems. He went and talk with the magician and the magician asked for physical appereances and told him that he had to payed a very big amount of money but that it will be worth it, also he told him that he had to return at 6:00 am in 30 days.
The morning of that day he received a call about two more victims and their physical description was smilier has the one of Volona and his wife, so then he understood that the magician was the killer of all the metro incidents.

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