You know he is a men of few words

At the end of the day the team had scored 5 goals

You are trying to avoid somebody or something like he did?

He was floating in the middle of the sea

He brief the word untill, like this: ´till

I want you to do that by word of now

Eat your words or you will regret!

We knew it would be a disaster from the word go 

Do you have the face to face the truth?

I´m in want of a new bike 

Chris was lost for words at Kathy's incredible rudeness

Don´t mix your words, I don´t understand you when you do that

You are more fool for me 

 It was a situation of no consequence

You must save the word

Take it or leave it there isn´t other choice

Alright General, the coast is clear

I had the last word in tue discusion

You will rest when all is set and done

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