• In the morning i found my camera but now my room  is not spick and span, so i had to clean it. i was  listening loud music  and cleaning  when suddenly i saw  a  cow in the yard  doing funny faces,  i really hate  when anilmals do that to me.


  • My brother is a really big fan of the books so he has an incredible knowledge but he never took a shower. Now he is a profesional person  and there is no time to go back and take the showers he never took. My mother who cook  very delicious said to him that is the edge of feel free and cut some heads.


  • In this world there are many strong boys aren't they?, many of them have just one friend   and the others are alone. This boys are not polite  and i hate them. Even in my dreams  i find imposible stay next to them.


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Comment by Michael D. Brown on December 7, 2011 at 1:03am

Lupita, the first and second are terrific. Third is also good, but the line about the cow and how you feel are SUPER!

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