A Story about money.

Someday i didn’t have any cash but i was needing the money, i didn’t want borrow or bargain with somebody so i remember that i had a savings account in the bank, my income were down and my checking account was null so that was my only way,  my Budget was too good so i did it, i did the withdraw, later i went to the ATM and i used my debit card because the teller couldn’t help me, two days after i went to deposita ll the money again for my account don’t be without funds, my checking account is in order again and i don't need more cash for now....

I was in debt and it was horrible but i progressed with my economy.

Obviouslly when i had money everybody wanted that i lended some cash, well I am a good friend and i trust them, so I lended the cash.

This story i just a product of my imagination.

Now my passbook is almost full, has passed 3 years and now my economy is good and that’s all for the story, i’m trying to keep my accounts with valiable cash. The End.

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