1.-What do you like most about New Year?
to be with my family and then go to a party with my cousins or something like that.

2.- What traditions do you follow the New Year day?
have dinner with all my family, like 80 persons in my uncle´s house and at 12:00 everybody aet 12 grapes and then we hug each other.

3.-Do yo know any superstitions associated with New Years Day?
No I dont know about that.

4.- Do you know any holiday superstitions? If so wich are they?
No, I dont know about any holiday superstition, just normal superstitions like tha salt and dont open a umbrella in a close place.

5.-Do you still believe any superstitions that you think are silly? If so what are they?
No, I dont believe in Superstitions, I think that everybody creates his own luck.

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Comment by jesus morales vega on June 2, 2010 at 8:25pm
interesting, useful, good

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