⁠⁠⁠Supply chain software rescues toy factory.

Jake lasseter is the CEO and supply chain manager at Lasseter Ltd, a family business that manufactures plastic toys. To make and deliver toys to children, Lasseter needs the help of many different partners, for example; Plyplasto inc and IMP (International Plastics Machines).
These companies work together to achieve the supply chain process; Raw materials, supplier, manufacturing, distribution, customer and consumer. Another important point is that every company tries to deliver to customer is:
- Right product
- In the right quantity and condition
- to the right place
- at th right time
- at the right price

For example, this company tries to make the best supply chain so that children can have the best toys in stores.

How are toys made?
First the factory of toys need "pellets" of the factory of plastics from oil.
Then buy box and packaging.
The pellets are used to make plastic parts for toys and then are assembled it for ships to toys shop.
Finally the toys are sold to customers and give to children.
This process is not perfect but the company always can called and fix the problems.

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