Ginnie Narine was an Indian twelve year old girl living in Trinidad. One day she was walking to her town's catholic chapel, when suddenly Ravi Kirjani, a member of a very wealthy family in Trinidad, offered her a ride, for the weather was extremely hot. Ginnie hesitated but at the end she gave in. Little did she know, Ravi's intentions were others, for she took her to a sugar field and raped her there. She remained quiet and told no one. Not even the priest of the chapel called Father Olivier.

Some time later, her family realised she was pregnant and so did she. Ravi was supposed to marry Sunita Moorpalani, which he wasn't so sure about, so when Ginnie told her about the pregnancy, he immediately declined Sunita and took Ginnie's proposal instead. Sunita's family acted with pride, and some time later her brothers invited Ravi to the coast and he had been his friend for many years so he didn't see any reason why not to go. 

On the way to the coast, Ravi mysteriously fell off the car and was run over by a truck. No one was capable of raising their suspicions onto the Moorpalanis because it didn't matter anymore. Ravi was dead.

Months later, Ginnie gave birth to her son. The doctor and the nurses were very concerned because the baby looked "unhealthy". When Ginnie was able to see her baby, he had the brightest blue eyes, just like Father Olivier.

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