It was a little kid who wants to discover what happed with him while he is slepping he just saw than suddenly at the middle of the night feel a strange presence, he also say than when this happen he can not move. One day, when he was again on that episode of dreams. he could feel and see one shadow in the darkest. In his despair, he dowload an app which permite take photos every 10 minutes. In those photos the little kid see, a shadow next to his bed. At the nexts days he try it to take a photo where he feel the ghost, the photos just appear one square in white. The days pass and he started to feel nervous and bad. He decided to check his ceiling jus to see if there was something. Unfortunately he found a shoe. And that is a litte scary.  He started to feel bad and tired, until he star to post everything than happen. One day he just fall slep, without Explanation he just slep and never comeback. His mother can swear than he is not dead. 

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