I've never seen his face when I was searching for some food in the grosery shop near my house, but i was searching for a specific type of soup, but a strange guy came to me with a scarf around his neck taht covers his mouth and a blue cap, he said to me "They don´t have in stock that soup better go to other place right know, I know what I'm saying to you" and then he just walk in another part of the market, that was very strange but I just continue shopping, I never imagine what it's going to happen a few minutes later.

The people start to run shouting that a person start a fire in the market in the part of the flamable things, the combustible start get fire and then I only heard ma big explosion, I wasn't prepare for that catastrophe, a lot of people die that day, kids crying, people running and the doors of the market closed. That was the most difficult situation that I ever past. Every body in the market die...including me...but I never saw the face of that terrible man. 

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