When Renata and Diego arrived at the new place, they felt in home.

Renata walked around all the rooms, and found a special room.

On the other hand, diego began to clean the new house and to throw the old things that he was finding.

They worked the whole day to install the furniture, when they ended, could rest all the time.

While Diego was working, his wife decorated all the rooms.

Renata worked very hard in a room, and turned it into a place to rest, read, reflect and paint.

They were very excited, so decided that his friends should come to the new house.

When his family and friends arrived at the new house, enjoyed the dinner made by Renata.

While all were having fun, they heard strange sounds in the back of the house.

All were scared, and the boys went to where the sound came.

After looking in all the garden, men found a hurt puppy.

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Comment by Ivan avendaño Ibañez on October 1, 2012 at 6:08pm
hahah niceeee

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