Long ago, in a kingdom far far away, there was a little girl with a big dream. One day while the girl was running away from the kingdom to chase her dream, she found a bracelet, but it wasn't a regular bracelet, it was a magic bracelet that will change the little girl's future. When the litthe girl arrived to the city, she was amazed by everything, and in that moment she promised herself she'll achieve her dream of being the best actress. The next day, the girl went to every casting there was, and she got the same answer every time "we'll call you later". The girl was really sad, so when she arrived to her room, she fell apart and started to cry, thinking she'lly never achieve her dream, finally when she stopped crying, she noticed her bracelet was shining, but didn't know why. The next day the girl decided yesterday's castings wouldn't let her down and that she'll cast for new roles that day, but everything went as the day before, every single caster turned her down, when she was about to break down, she looked around and saw the beautiful city, when she felt something in her wrist, the bracelet was shining again, so she decided that from that moment, she'll find out why the bracelet was shining and the meaning of it.

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