The man who is walking with a cane through the tunnel is an old drug dealer. He is one of the five men who brought the business to the city. People are looking for revenge against him but more importantly against his knowledge.

What the drug dealer did shocked his friends.

He realized that the business only could have one chief, one boss.

A long time ago he started a fight with the other four men who didn't know the trap that he had prepared for them. Many people died during the fight but at the end just one was alive. Now he had a power which nobody could face up to.

Forty years had passed since the fight came to an end and he was the lord of the city. But the drug dealer didn’t know that the sons of the four main men rose as new men.

Now they claimed their power which had been stolen by the old man. But the old man hasn't given up yet; he is assembling his new army to recover his power.

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Comment by Michael D. Brown on June 23, 2010 at 10:07pm
Jesús, this is one of the best tales ever posted here. You see what a little editing can do? It sounds original and contains no errors. I hope MuDJoB gets to see more of your work.

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