Once upon a time Mark a young and tall man was walking in the forest where he found a broken sign on the floor. Mark grabbed the sign and started reading it, the sign said this: “Camp at 5 miles away”. After reading this, Mark heard a branch from behind break and some footsteps, so he started running with all of his strengths, until he felt into a trap and fainted afterwards. 20 minutes later he woke up at a campfire alone, without knowing his location and without having anywhere to go. Knowing this he stand up and started walking around so he can get to know the zone, until he found another sign which said: “Camp at 5 miles away”. Mark got really confused because he thought he was going in circles. After this he entered on an intense panic because he saw a man behind a tree, he started running to catch him, when he reach the tree where the strange man was, he enter on an eye to eye contact with the man and Mark couldn't believe that the man in front of him was himself. He stopped doing eye contact and turned his head to a side and he saw himself again, and again, and again… He was surrounded of other thousands of Marks doing all a posture of no physical expression and without emotions in their minds. Mark saw a small light from between two trees, so he started making his way to it between all the copies of himself. When he reached the light, he noticed all of his copies where following him and that the light was just the same campfire where he was before. Mark heard a voice calling him, saying: “Mark its time to go”. Then all of the clones disappeared and he appeared at the place where he found the sign, now this time he went backwards and he found the camp where all of his family and friends where waiting for him. Mark said hi to all of them and all of the responded: “Mark it's time to go”. After this he go back with his family to the place where their cars were and saw the sign from a long distance with a human shade on a tree, so he decided to take a lighter from his pocket and throw it at the forest.

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