"I'm telling you, I hate almost everything about this guy...", I told Bruce, with whom I was sitting in front of the shcool bus stop.

"So what did you bring him into your house, then?", he answered with a friendly mocking tone.

"Wha-well... I neede to split the expenses. Rent isn't cheap, man...", I answered with a little of defense in my voice.


Two hours and a half later...

I was tired. I got home at 10pm on Monday. It had been a short, yet exhausting trip back to what I could call home at least while I was in college... Anyway, I had class on first period at 8pm on tuesday, and of course I laid awake in front of the computer the night before. You know, just the tipical teenager after-vacation catch-up on Facebook and stuff.


So I went to school the next morning, waking up in my "I'm-so-gonna-get-straight-in-bed-after-school" mood. And so I did... But there was this strange pulse. You know, like the one the cell-phones produce while on silent mode. It was... It was really strange, because I was watching my cell right next to me, in the night table. And my other phone, the old one... I had left it at home (my real home) this holliday... But I heard it, really, I swear! I heard the pulse, disturbing my dream; hindering my sleep... But it stopped and I finally slept.


Only for a while! There it was again? What time is it? '15:59'. One minute after my nap alarm. So I stood and took a quick shower before going to my afternoon class.


I got home by 19:10. I entered my house and there it was again... The pulse! I thought it was my imagination or some sort b-but there it was! I was hearing it! So I started searching for its source... I thought it was coming from the closet the first time, so I checked there... Only a note. A freakin' note. "Aren't you missing someone?" I heard the pulse again, coming from... H-he was there... Lying in his bed... Li-like he was inside a coffin, you know. Arms crossed and stuff.


"Say, where is he now? He went out on vacations last wednesday, right? He oughtta be here by now. What's the deal?", Bruce asked concerned. Interested, more likely.
"Dunno, man. Last thing I knew from him was one of his depressive and oh-so negative Facebook status... It was, like, from sunday, I think"

"Oh yeah, those status... They really get on my nerves; don't they scare you sometimes?"

"The hell they do! I'm afraid sometime I will find out he commited suicide in his bedroom. No kidding..."

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Comment by Michael D. Brown on May 3, 2011 at 11:05pm
You have a warped mind, and I love the twisted tales it produces. Thank you for continuing to display your talents in this venue.

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