After finalizing his master piece of the Sunflowers, Vincent was tired of his haircut; so he decided it was time to go to the barber shop. 

So he did, fortunately there was one a few blocks from his house. When he arrived there were just to people before him to get their hair cut. The barber asked "Are you looking for a haircut?", immediately Vincent answer "Yes, I am. But don't worry I'll wait until my turn". The barber replied "You'll wait less than an hour". 

Finally it was Vincent's turn; he had been checking out the other clients look in case one of them was good for him, but any of them had been good enough; so he took the choice of directing the barber during the cutting of his hair. 

Everything had been doing great, he actually liked the way his hair was looking; but there was something that he didn't like at all, the hair above his ear wasn't the way he wanted, so he told "Could you please cut a little bit more above my ear?" "Yes, I can. But are you sure of this?" the barber answered. "Of course I am, it will be another of my art jobs". "Ok" the man replied. That's when the man took the scissors and made the unthinkable, he had cut Van Gogh's left ear. Vincent was in a lot of pain and gave the barber a huge reproach, but after thinking a while, he thought it could mean something about his artistic soul. 

And that's the truth behind Van Gogh's ear. 

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Comment by Andrea Zepeda Trejo on September 27, 2012 at 8:14pm

jajaja I love your story its really fun :D you have a lot of imagination

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