The winepress was written by Josef Essberger.

One of the principal characters is Charles de Gruse who is a man that knows very well about wine.

The story starts with a discussion about how to recognize a good wine and that only french people know about the good ones. In the story the is a meeting of people that are talking about the good wine. One of them said that to recognize a good wine you have to visit and know the place where it came from, and he was saying that every good winery has its secrets. So de Gruse started to tell a creepy story about the best winery in the world that was the secret of its success. The story was about a man called Pierre that was french but he met a girl from Madagascar called Faniry. They fell in love so that got married even thou the parents of Pierre weren't ok with that. So they started their lives in Madagascar but when the parents of Pierre died they went to live to France to continue with the winery that his parents left. Everything was ok but the problem was that Faniry was very jealous of the girls of France. She thought that Pierre was seeing them and they were like his lovers. But even if Pierre said that everything was just product of her jealously she wouldn't believe him. You can imagine the infinity of fights they had, finally one day Faniry wet to see Pierre to the winery and she told him that she was pregnant but Pierre couldn't be with her anymore so he told her that she was wrong and she was just drunk so he pull her off and she stumbled towards the winepress and she was being dragged in and she started to scream, but Pierre couldn't do anything. After Faniry was gone he just told everybody that she left to Madagascar and he acted like everything was normal. After that he won many awards for the best wine and no one could understand why.

When d Gruse finished the story the guests were surprised and anyone could believe it they just wished the wine that they were drinking wasn't from Pierre's winery but as de Gruse said "Everyone knows that the best vintage should always come first."

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