The winepress is a story by Josef Essberg and it starts with the character Charles Jousselin de Gruse, in the story he entertains his guests by talking about wine and being funny about it. He seems to be a decent and nice married man. One evening he welcomed at his house a few guests who wouldn't stop talking about immigration, Charles didn't really care about topics like that, even when one of the guests, general Bags, tried to take a few words out of him. Later that evening, they started to discuss about how some people would serve wine they know nothing about, then, de Gruse and his wife made everyone realize how where you come from is not always a bad thing by telling them a story. I actually think that this story is really good because it gives you so much to reflect about, there are a lot of things to learn behind a wine that we don't know. I definitely recommend it.

Alejandra Rivadeneyra A01173231

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