Inquietude is a feeling of restlesness, that we are missing something. We commonly know it as anxiety, so this might be easier to keep up with. In the videos wa saw, I think that the main characters are looking for something,they're anxtiously looking for something. Let's see why this is something they have in common.

     In the film "spider" the main character is looking somewhere to have fun. This is seen because the main character is making jokes to his girlfriend, which they enjoy for a while. But there are moments ehen jokes just get way out of hand and become very bad practical jokes, leading to very bad consequences, in this case, a car ran over her and of course, the main character then loses an eye. So in this case our main character's anxiety was looking for something in the wrong place.

     In the film "black hole" the main character's inquietude was blinded by his own ambition. This is seen because the main character finds out that the photocopier printed a black hole that can get through any object. In the movie the character uses this ability to take objects from a vending machine without paying for them, which leads him to open a locked door leading to a room with a safe that has a lot of money, so his ambition made him get in the safe and get traped inside. So the mix between his inquetude and his ambition led him to a horrible fate.

     Lastly, in the film "signs" the main characters are seen looking for each other, something interesting for their lifes. In the beggining we can see that the intern starts everyday being very tired and bored of his job until one day on another building he find another intern which she decides to introduce herself with signs, so they decide to communicate that way. Throughout we can see that they have some misunderstandings in between, but he decides that they need to meet which they finally accomplish in the end. So in this movie they're inquietude goes away when they finally met.

     In conclusion, what this movies share in common is the fact that all of their main characters are looking for something. In "spider", the main character tries to find somewhere to find fun, but ends up being in the wrong place. In "black hole" the main character tries to look for something to change his life, but his ambition leads him to a terrible fate. Lastly, in "signs" both interns' get to meet each other because of their will to look for someone.

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