This book excerpt presents opposing views on media violence.
1. Do violent movies and TV shows bother you? Why or why not?
2. Have you seen a violent movie or TV program recently?
3. Should children be allowed to watch violent programs?
Relating the reading to personal experience
4. Do you think media violence is harmful to children and adolescents? Why or why not?
5. Should children stop watching violent movies? Why or why not?
6. In general, do you think the media have a positive or negative effect on children? Why?

The media
Media violence harms children; Media violence does not harm children
1.-Personally I do not mind the films of violence that have certain programs or movies, because I think they are not aggressive by imitation. I think the shape and culture with which we're raising in the house at the school with friends.
2.- The last time I saw a
TV program that had violence was two weeks ago where I found a number where there was a mass murderer, and so I got aggressive.

3.- In my opinion and preference as seen should be limited, because in that moment the brain absorbs all the information we give you so you have to use the time more productive things like reading or working with them on easy things.
4. - I think the media should spend a few programs a little less aggressive, and that never hurts a little bit of everything but also have a certain schedule or blocks, so that children do not harm the new means of violence. That might avoid conflicts between children and parents, and that somehow affects morale.
5.- According to the text, minds are not after to watch movies because age also affects the maturity that we have to take things and differentiate between reality and fantasy. So that we can continue to enjoy the action and the nerves that give us every time he does a pirouette.
6.- I think the media influence the human being, just that we speak only in terms of feelings or emotional states that stress and worry direly. Because be seeing a lot of violence hinders their learning and capture their attention so they are less attentive produce and sometimes deficient.

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