When our worlds collide

Read this magazine article to find out how journalists choose photos for news magazines.

1. What do you notice when you flip through a magazine? The first I notice when I look the pages of a magazine, are the photographs.

2. What is the most popular subject of newspaper and magazine photos? Normally in newspapers are the tragedies in magazines differ by the stly of each one but often is the fashion, and famous people.

3. How are the pictures in newspapers different from those in tabloids? Are more atracttive because the newspaper need the people be interested in buy it.

Relating the reading to personal experience

4. Do you think photographs play an important role in telling a news story? Do you remember a photo that had a strong impact on you? Photographs are an important facttotelling stories for it made the people understand more. I remember a picture of aman without head, it was horrible

5. Do newspapers in your country print photographs of catastrophic events? Do you think they should? Why or why not? Yes they do, I think it's ok to take catastrofic photos to inform the people about the world

6. Do you think journalism is a respectable profession? Why or why not? Yes it is, the workin profession than is necessary to the society, the informetionwithout them in wouldn't be to real.

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Comment by Carlos Ulises Guzmán Atilano on May 4, 2010 at 10:42am
Something strange is happening to tabloids

1. What kinds of stories do tabloids usually cover?
Tabloids cover everything from celebrity scandals to the outrageously bizarre.

2. Are tabloids popular in your country? Why or why not?
Yes, in the streets there are a lot of persons who buys stuff like “TV y novelas”

3. Is your favorite newspaper considered serious or a tabloid?
Personally I don’t prefer reading this type of newspapers

4. What is the most outrageous story you ever saw or read about in a tabloid?
A woman that acquired the ill of the “elephantism” and has an enormous leg.

5. Which of the newspapers mentioned in the text would you most likely read? Why?
I think the leadership of David Pecker is the most interesting text and I would red.

6. Should any kinds of stories be banned from newspapers and magazines? If so, which?
No, because all of them are interesting and attract the public to read the magazine.

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