Why i dont listen to the teacher, well this is a questiom that a lot of kindergarden, jr highschool, and highschool have wondered from a long time ago, and we could say that its not fault of the teacher because his class is ver boring or because "its never going to be helpful in my life" but the main reason of students not paying attention in class is because they are more interested about their friends, family and social life things that are way more intersting and in some cases more important than learning english, and there are also times when the students dont pay attention because the teacher dont make the class interesting or he is only speakin and speaking waiting for us to liste to him while he talks of a bunch of things that we are not interested at and we just learned because we have to and we are afraid of our parents giving us punishments and making our life imposible so thats why we come to school, but there are cases when the teacher just talks and we dont listen to him because is boring and we choose not to pay attention because of that, because if you add the lack of interest and the huge boring made by the class wich is not fun, theres no dynamics in it or nothing changes in the hole semester, thats why students dont pay attention, theres subjects like math or cience where if you dont listen to the teacher you are going to fail at the exam because you dont know anything, but theres others were the class can be more relaxed or dynamic so that we learn and we pay attention and like that the teacher doesnt gets angry and punish us with extra homework.

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