Charles jousselin used to tell to his guest that you don't have to be French to enjoy a decent wine, but you do have to be French to recognize one. One day his guest were all european; they all held their glasses to the light and studied their blood-red content. it was the best wine they had ever tasted.

then de Gruse asked "Can you imagine that third people that serves wine they know nothing about?" "Really" said the German politician. "i like to hunt around the vineyards, like a place in Bordeaux where he meet a winegrower, that the way to know what your drinking. de gruse told them that the man he know told him a story about his wines.

pierre the winegrower was sent to madagascar. todo weeks later after he arrived he felt in love with a local girl named Finary, five months later they got married but unfortunately, pierre received a telegram saying that his parents and brother had died; so he returned to Bordeaux. they were very happy and he taught that life in  Bordeaux will be easy; but he was wrong. it soon became obvious that Finary was jealous with every women around Pierre.

One Friday evening, Pierre was alone in the winery when suddenly, she walked straight  uo to pierre and he could smell that she was drunk. by the time he badly wanted her, o he pushed her away, she snatched a knife and luged al him with it; he pushed her away but this time she tumbled towards the winepress, she screamed but after a few minutes she fainted, he looked away until a sound told him it was over, e told everyone Finary had left. 

After that pierre won award after award and nobody knew why. Pierre told me his wife had lent the wine an incomparable aroma. 

But you din´t buy anything the general asked. How could i refuse to such pedigree he said.

now one undestood

you don't mean to tell were drinking this damned woman now, do you?

"Everyone knows that the best vintage should aways come first" 

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