There was once a politician who loved wines, he was in a reunion with other politicians, and they were discussing about the problems in Europe. A guy told him that there are some people who drink wine, but they don´t  even know the story of the wine, the guy also told them every wine had a story, and the wine they were drinking had a particular story.A man named Pierre went to Madagascar to visit his uncle, he met a beautiful girl named Faniry they fall in love, and got married, after  a while of being happy, Pierre received a telegram, it said that his parents and brother were dead. Pierre and Faniry returned to France so they could take care of the vineyard that his father had left him, after years of being happy everything changed when they moved to France, Faniry was a jealous woman and Pierre was tired of his wife, how far could her jealousy go?

I recommend this story because I think it is interesting, and also because it an example of why everyone should trust their partner.

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