I don't usually like to look back at the past, but I guess it could be helpful by learning mistakes from it. Anyway, last year was pretty cool, I guess but stressful at the same time, mainly because we were about to end Middle School, so we were trying to do our best to close Middle School with good grades. Another reason why it was a bit stressful was because we entered to Tec de Monterrey and we didn't know as much as we do know about how school worked, but now I think we're ok. But it was a pretty exciting one because I had a nice trip from Winter vacation from Greece, also because I got a gold meddal from a math competition and because I heard news from some games being released on 2017, so basically, the hype was real. But in the end I can say it was kind of interesting, I think, but I'm really enjoyng this year more than last year.

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