Larry a Spanish historian recognized for his various investigations about the European culture and his hate of the pre-Columbian culture in Mexico; one day he receives the notice about a scientist that has discovered a way to travel in time, Larry finds the scientist (who knew the jobs and ideologies of the historian) on a bar, and he convince the scientist to let him travel to Spain many centuries ago.

Immediately when Larry arrives he realized that he wasn´t in Spain, he arrived at Yucatan Peninsula in 1942, after some time walking, Larry is captured by a Mayan tribe, the problem was that he didn’t know the language that was used in the region and was impossible to know what was happening around him.

Step by step he started to learn the language and manages to gain the trust of the inhabitants by showing great acts of value as save people or be a great warrior against other tribes.  One day the town were Larry used to live was attacked and defeated by a great city, as the tradition indicates the defeated town should give offerings to the victorious town, one of those offerings was Larry as a slave; he walked many days with other slaves, finally when all arrived to the city he realizes that the slaves are divided depending on their answers that they give, it was Larry´s turn, but he didn´t know what to answer, so the Mayas guided him to a room where he would learn the language, but with any mistake in the pronunciation he would be punished. 

One ordinary day the city is invaded by Spanish, Larry thought it would be his salvation, but when he spoke to then, he realized that the Spanish that they spoke was different from the one he speaks, finally they decided to kill Larry because they thought that he was another indigenous. 


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